What is KOTLL?

KOTLL is an online service supported by a series of modules that help GM's & players role play online. Of interest to most, is the chat module. This module allows GM's and players to chat, whisper, roll dice, move icons, look at character sheets, play audio files, and many perform many other functions. GM's have access to additional specialized modules that allow them to add and remove NPC/creature icons, display area maps where icons may be placed, play audio and video files, impersonate characters/NPC's and perform a host of other GM related functions.


How do KOTLL Realms work?

KOTLL Game Masters sign up for a specific area where they are authorized to host online role playing sessions. These areas are termed “ Realms .” Each GM is allowed only one Realm, but may host as many games in this Realm as they like. The GM authorizes or rejects KOTLL subscribers wanting to play in his/her Realm. Those approved will see the Realm in their subscription panel. Those disapproved will be notified by email. KOTLL users may be authorized to play in as many Realms as they choose. However, access to a realm is always done at the discretion of the GM.


Why should I subscribe to KOTLL?


KOTLL is a low cost way for you and other role players to get together and enjoy gaming. The service is very inexpensive (less than most players pay to drive to a game each month).


KOTLL subscribers benefit from driving less, having additional gaming contacts, and often have more locations from which to play. This provides them with better gaming sessions and more time to role play.


Unlike software based programs, KOTLL can be played without installing programs on the computer. The only software needed is a compatible web browser (we recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer) and the free Macromedia Flash plug-in. Since both of these are often standard installations on many computers, subscribers can frequently play from friends and families homes, at work, around the campus, or in many cases from a local library.


KOTLL is a service rather than a software program. This means that we can update and upgrade the service very simply without forcing our subscribers to install updates, remove old software, or perform other tedious software maintenance. Our subscribers get the most current version of the KOTLL by simply logging on. This quick and easy process means that you won't have to wait forever for new features or have to purchase a new version of some outdated software product. KOTLL subscribers get updates for free and as soon as they are ready to use.


How do I become a subscriber?

KOTLL wants to make sure that you truly benefit from our subscription service. Because of our commitment to you, we prefer to have members sponsored by a GM prior to subscribing to the service. This insures that you have a game to play and won't have to seek out a GM on your own.

The alternative to being sponsored is to purchase an annual subscription. With the annual subscription, you have immediate access to everything we provide our sponsored members. An added bonus of your subscription account is that you can send requests to GM's with basic GM accounts. Basic GM account holders must answer your requests in order to keep their free GM status. We hope this process will assist you in locating games.


How do I get sponsored?

First, become a member if you haven't already done so. Next, go to the game request portal. Complete the sponsorship request form. You will be charged a $15.00 service fee, which can be credited toward your annual subscription. No other fees will be charged until you are sponsored. Your request to be sponsored will be posted on KOTLL and sent to all GM's with basic GM accounts. Once a GM sponsors you to play in his/her game, your account will be placed in subscriber status.


Why charge the service fee to get sponsored?

This fee insures that you are serious about playing and using the KOTLL service. It is a way to assure GM's that you will be available for play and are a subscriber in good standing. Without the fee, a GM risks giving subscriber status to an individual that may never pay for an account or be able to play in his/her game sessions.


How much do I pay when I am sponsored?

Your $15.00 service fee covers the first two months of membership. This period begins once sponsored. Unless you choose to upgrade your account, you will not be charged anything until that period has expired. After this period, you may choose to continue your subscription or terminate it. We strongly recommend that you upgrade your membership at the time of your being sponsored to be eligible for the special annual rate.


Who can get a membership to KOTLL?

Anyone can join and get a basic membership to KOTLL. However, you must be sponsored by a registered GM or waive sponsorship and purchase an annual account to become a subscriber.


How do I become a member?

Becoming a member is as simple as completing the registration form. Once submitted, you will need to verify your registration by going to the confirmation link emailed to you.


Do I need an email account to become a member?

Yes, you must have a valid email account to use this service.


How do I get a Basic GM account?

Once you are registered a member of KOTLL, you may request GM privileges. Simply go to the section marked “Become a GM” and complete the form. Our staff will review your request and make a decision. In the event that you are not approved for a “Basic GM” account, you may elect to purchase a “Secured GM” account.


What type of commitment do I have to make to get a free “Basic GM” account?

The free “Basic GM” account has many requirements. First you must agree to run one game lasting at least two hours every month. Second you must keep your GM status rating as “acceptable.” You do this by answering subscriber requests in a timely manner, hosting regular games, and fulfilling the other “Basic GM” requirements. For a full list of requirements, go to the “Basic GM” account information page.


Can I play in other games with a “Basic GM” account?

No, the “Basic GM” account only allows you to access the Realm created for the GM account. You will not be authorized to play in any other Realms unless you obtain a subscriber account.


If you have other questions send them to CustomerCare@KOTLL.com