Why develop the KOTLL service?  


A new trend in role-playing has emerged. Fortunately for the online RPG gaming community, the makers of KOTLL saw a way to improve upon it.

Over the past several years numerous RPG players have decided to use their computers as a means to role-play together. One of the most common tools used to accomplish this feat is the computerized bulletin board (also known as a BBS). These boards are very static and the level of interaction that players get is far from what tabletop and convention players are accustom. The real benefit to this type of play is that getting people together at the same time is no longer necessary. Posting to these systems can be done in a more leisurely fashion. This strength can be a weakness as it may cause other difficulties for both DM’s and players. Often story lines can be quickly carried off course or players may have to wait long periods (days or weeks) to see the results of their posts. Sometimes a BBS stagnates because of one player’s failure to post or from a busy DM not posting updates regularly.

KOTLL recognizes that many players like the ability to see a game in a text format like a BBS system provides. This format allows them to catch up and contribute to game content even when they may not have been able to join in a role playing session. To this end, KOTLL allows DM’s to export entire RPG events and post them to a BBS of their choosing. KOTLL has DM accounts that even provide a BBS for the DM to place the game content.